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With offices in different cities, The Qazi Group of Companies is a Twin City company with a global footprint. Drop us a line or a message. We want to hear from you.

Head Office

Motorcycle Plaza Waris Khan Bus stop Murree Road, Rawalpindi.

Web: www.qazigroup.com
Email: info@qazigroup.com
Phone: 051-5776582-5

Other Offices

Motorcycle Plaza (HS TRADERS)

Fax: 051-5778580
O-163, Waris Khan Bus stop, Murree road, Rawalpindi
PH: 051-5778582-5, FAX: 051-5778580
Email: finance@hstraders.com
Web: www.hstradders.com

Other Offices

Suzuki Muzaffarabad Motors

National Highway, Ambore, Muzaffarabad, Pakistan
PH# 05822-432496-98 Fax:05822-432471
Email: farooqazi@qazigroup.com

ہیڈ آفس

کارپوریٹ ہیڈ کوارٹر موٹرسائیکل پلازہ وارث خان بس اسٹاپ مری روڈ ، راولپنڈی۔

www.qazigroup.com: ویب
info@qazigroup.com: ای میل
info@qazigroup.com: ای میل
051-5776582-5: فون
34.0-25.40: ایکسٹینشن

دوسرے دفاتر

موٹرسائیکل پلازہ ( ٹریڈرز HS)

و 163 ، وارث خان بس اسٹاپ ، مری روڈ ، راولپنڈی
فیکس: 051-5778580 فون: 051-5778582-5
فیکس: 051-5778580
:ای میل Finance@hstraders.com
ویب www.hstradders.com :

دوسرے دفاتر

سوزوکی مظفرآباد موٹرز۔ نیشنل ہائی وے ، امبور ، مظفر آباد ، پاکستان۔ ۔

پی ایچ # 05822-432496-98
فیکس: 05822-432471۔
farooqazi@qazigroup.com : ای میل

Achievements of Qazi Group

Read the List of Awards Achieved by Qazi Group of Companies.


Qazi Enterprises

(Businessman of the Year 2007 ) Award conferred on Shaukat Mehmood Qazi (Best Performance Award 2007) conferred on 20th award distribution ceremony of RCCI (Best Performance Award 2006) in construction & builder’s category conferred by RCCI


HS Traders

(Best Trader of 2009) award by Chief Minister of Punjab (Pakistan’s 100 fastest growing companies) by All World Network

June 25, 2019

Suzuki Muzaffarabad

(BSC Gold Award) four times (Best Dealer Award)